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Drug addiction Kiev

Drug addiction Kiev

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The rehabilitation center is equipped with mobile teams and carries out the delivery of patient. In the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Kiev «Мост» standards apply only advanced rehabilitation technologies. We are actively cooperating with all the specialized departments of medical and preventive treatment of urban health centers. Internal infrastructure enables a full range of reconstructive procedures, in all areas affected by the use of psychoactive substances.

The rehabilitation program is formed individually, relying solely on the individual characteristics of the patient. This approach can achieve maximum results. Overall coordination is carried out by the analytical center, which consists exclusively of professional personnel. Rehabilitation Center Kiev «Мост» is working closely with European partners.

The process database is updated in accordance with the highest positions of validity. We offer a truly high-quality program, which has no analogues. Native speakers of our rehabilitation center of Kiev are in a constant learning process. They conduct daily educational work in specially equipped classrooms, while enhancing the complex spatial picture of the world. At least six hours of classes daily, this does not include individual counseling, sports and cultural elements of correction. Of course, this load is given only after patient will be released from a state of abstinence (breaking).  Of course, once we’re not talking about it to our patients that would not shock. Because doing nothing and hanging on the neck of the family — the only, on which they agree, while many are firmly established in the habit.

We are professionals and we argue that the study of this level, this is the foundation, on the basis of which we can speak of sobriety, in the long term. Our program includes truly educational elements. Here, cultural and moral education — this is literature, poetry, art, history in the people, and cognitive, play, musical, theatrical and drawing therapy. It’s all on the background of the fact that the real-time mode, the scientific and psychological dependence detailed study and subsequent development of personal recommendations. Build individual structure perspective of life plans.

Due to the extensive experience of our specialists in the field of rehabilitation center in inter social device state systems planning horizon is expanded and made building an additional number of vectors of development. This makes it possible to bring new patients into a fundamentally different level, within the social life of the device. We do not just treat people — we offer a new life. That is why, for our patients in the hospital created the atmosphere, which abound in every sense of moral and ethical pedagogy.

Gradually begins to occur some metamorphosis transformation from rough, stale, fixated on human use, which does not see around him or anything and anybody, in human behavioral acts that are more and more becoming the outlines of healthy norms. Healthy in every way for that is actually true not only for family members, but also for society, as a whole.

The graduates of the rehabilitation center in Kyiv «Мост» after the treatment course, identify it with anything other than a start in life. Vouchers really tangible, existing in reality, and nor somewhere a theory floating in the corridors of inefficient narcology. Account of people take advantage of this chance and diametrically changed his life already estimated in tens of thousands. We can help.

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